popular home styles in urban san diego

Popular Home Styles in Urban San Diego

When cruising through the communities that make up and surround downtown San Diego, it becomes obvious there is a significant amount of diversity in home styles. The distinct presence shines through with the varying types of buildings we consider home. Historically, San Diego settlers adhered to Spanish style homes. As European settlers arrived, Victorian and and Old Craftsman style homes were added offering an array of home styles in the San Diego area.

The blend of architectural style brings unique and vibrant character to San Diego. Fortunately for anyone looking to buy a home in the area, there is a wide variety of property styles to chose from. To make selecting the right architectural style easy, here are top five most popular property styles in San Diego to choose from.


Luxury condos and apartments offer a unique downtown lifestyle. Many boast waterfront locations, vast amenities – including gyms, pools, and retail shops. Nowadays, high-rise luxury condos are throughout downtown San Diego, but the most popular include The Marina District, East Village and Little Italy have quite a lot to choose from when it comes to high-rises. Some of our favorites are: The Mark in East Village, Aqua Vista in Little Italy, and Horizons in the Marina District. 


Craftsman style homes became fairly popular in the 1930s, after the popular Victorian era. They are known for their attention to arts and crafts detail, referred to in their stylistic name. This property style often presents thick panels of wood around the exterior of the home including doors and windows. Other features include lower pitched roofs, porches, and tapered square columns. When searching for a Craftsman style home you can find them in areas such as Kensington, Hillcrest, South Park, Golden Hill and Bankers Hill.


These charismatic homes are plentiful and have deep historical roots in San Diego. Also known as Mission Style, these properties are distinguishable by their red-tiled roofs, textured exterior walls, and beautifully rounded archways. Although a Spanish style bungalow has a historical presence in San Diego, new homes and remodels are still reflecting this bungalow style – creating a blend of older and newer homes throughout all of San Diego.


Representing a dramatic shift in the architectural world, mid-century homes were built in the 40’s and 50’s in response to the growth in population and technology. Most commonly found in areas such as La Jolla, Point Loma, and Allied Gardens, mid-century homes offer a distinct box-like design. Focusing on the simplicity of the design, they include floor to ceiling windows, a variety of natural elements – brick, stone, and wood, and post and beam construction. Now that mid-century modern is hot again, we’re seeing lots of old and new homes with this style.


Originally created for densely populated areas, townhomes are typically narrow and multi-leveled. With little unique style characteristics, townhomes are a great option for urban living to offer close proximity to downtown areas while having more square footage than an apartment. If you’d like walking access to coffee shops and restaurants – townhomes create a middle ground to urban and suburban living. Additionally, they are easy to renovate if looking for a potential re-model.

Out of all the architectural styles in San Diego, which are you most drawn to?

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